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Prive-special tank by Kir Fanis

One transparent one ice tube.Transparent tube is 1mm thicker than caps

After 20 Nov Kit Includes -

1 x Prive-special Tank - (with top feeding system)

1 x Replacement tube

1 x replacement set o rinks

1 x emergency simple screw

 It takes standard(35mm) cartomizers

More details

42,90 €

!ATT! Due to Chinese copies all Prive-special tanks come with unique number and Kir Fanis logo on the top.

In order to avoid damage internal o rings we higly reccomend this tool


SS parts are made with AISI 304-L ss which is food graded.

Palstic parts are made with pmma

pmma material according to European directives is food approved .

PMMA does not contain the potentially harmful bisphenol-A subunits found in polycarbonate
Even the material is not polycarbonate some juices may damage the tanks (not all of them but some depends on the benzyil alchool)



-Please do not remove and do not play with caps. No need at all.

-First time wash the tank as it is with hot water and vinegar

-When you put a cartomizer for first time please put some e liquid drops
  on the body of the carto and some drop inside caps O-rings